• A range of polymers and fabrics are mixed and matched, to deliver a wide spectrum of applications
  • Polymers used are PU, PVC, TPO, TPU, PE, PP, Acrylics
  • Fabrics used are Polyester, Nylon, Aramids, Fiberglass, Polypropylene, Cotton etc.
  • Techniques used are Knife / Gravure / Dip Coating / Printing
  • Multiple Welding techniques
  • High Frequency Welding
  • Hot Air Welding
  • Hot Wedge Welding
  • Incising
  • Stitching
  • Fabric to Fabric, Fabric to Foam, Fabric to Film, Foam to Film
  • Hot Melt Lamination
  • Wet Lamination
  • Flat Bed Lamination