Camouflage paint to protect the military combat assets from reconnaissance sensors

Product Features

  • Effectively reduce the Signatures of the Target to prevent it from detection by enemy when seen through optical, night vision devices & thermal imagers
  • Low gloss
  • Good weather and UV resistance

Camo Stickers

Fabric reinforce pressure sensitive removable camouflage stickers for army vehicles to protect from visual, near IR and thermal signatures.

Product Specifications

  • Quick and easy camouflaging of the vehicle without damaging or altering the paint on the vehicle.
  • Easy to remove without any adhesive residue and without damaging the painted surface of vehicle.
  • Provide various camouflage patterns are available based on requirements
  • Excellent resistance to UV, Chemical and Solvents
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Provide protection from Visual, Near IR and Thermal surveillance equipment
  • Good Peel strength of 15N/25mm minimum